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A breathtaking experience…

The sky is the same for everyone. But it’s your balloon flight to be unique. You can only be flying with Inballoon, the only hot-air balloon company that takes off from Barolo, if below you flow Barolo’s vineyards.

If at your landing you’ll find an air conditioned shuttle bus ready to bring you back to the base of departure, you can be sure you’re flying with Inballoon. If you’re enjoying an exclusive brunch around a table in a prestigious Barolo’s cellar while exchanging memories and emotions, you are in the company of Inballoon. And if in the next days you’ll receive links for downloading photos and videos of your emotional flight experience in the skies of the amazing Langhe, you are still flying with Inballoon. Everything is included in the price. It’s not a dream. You have been flying with Inballoon.

Gone with the wind

Where do you want to go?

Don’t even think about it, cause the magical thing of a Balloon Flight is leaving the breeze to lead the route. Starting from Barolo, the Langhe extend in all the directions. Every cardinal point reserves breath taking views: at North East towards Alba, at South West above Novello or Monchiero.
The Langhe are masterpieces of nature and culture to be lived and enjoyed by foot or bicycle, but only flying over hazelnut trees, towers and castles by the point of view of the balloon it can be possible to catch it’s beauty and essence.

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